With degrees from such prestigious schools as the Berklee College of Music and the University of North Texas, our guitar teachers are some of the most qualified players you’ll find. They’re all performing musicians, and, even the youngest, has over ten years of teaching experience.   We accommodate all levels, all ages, and all styles.


The ability to play the keys is a skill every musician should have. Our lessons focus on teaching beginners to have fun making music, teaching adults that it’s never too late to pick up an instrument, and on expanding the professional musician’s tool shed.



Our experienced drum instructors love making music and helping others do the same.  With extensive performing and teaching experience in rock bands and marching band, students can rest assured that their teacher will be able to help them reach that next level. 



The foundation of any band, the underappreciated bass lays down the fat grooves that get you dancing. Lessons with Hayley’s give the student the fundamentals of playing in the pocket and an understanding of charts and chord progressions—all while working through a huge library of popular music.


Kelly Jackson is an old school bluegrass banjo player, something that’s hard to find these days. With over thirty years of experience playing and teaching, and a college education to boot, he gets students started out on the right chord.  So, if banjo is your instrument of choice, you can feel confident that you’re studying with a true legend.


The Uke is perfect for young musicians.  Small, inexpensive, and using only four nylon strings, the Ukulele is the perfect stepping-stone to learning the guitar. In lessons students will learn melodies from popular music and how to accompany themselves while singing.