From complete beginners to the most advanced players out there, Hayley's Music has the instructors to accommodate all levels of musicianship.  So, if you're just starting, or you're wanting to take it to the next level, give us a call, and we'll point you in the right direction. 


Kristin G Mask

Emphasis on: Guitar, Piano, Bass, & Ukulele

Phone: (817) 781 - 0481


“I was lucky enough to study with some world-class musicians over the years, both locally and later at Berklee, and one thing that stuck with me was the need to not overcomplicate things. Learning an instrument doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes some daily practice and time. I try to motivate my students with this concept: the idea that anyone can pick it up and get pretty good at it, regardless of age, as long as they’re willing put in some time.” Read More



Donovan Hickman

Emphasis on: Guitar and Bass

(940) 692-3904


Kelly Jackson

Emphasis on: Guitar, Bass, and Banjo

Phone: (940) 642 - 2389


Kelly Jackson has been a music instructor in the Wichita Falls area for over twenty-five years.  After studying music at the University of North Texas in the mid '80's, Kelly moved to Wichita Falls, Texas to continue his studies at Midwestern State University and establish himself on the local music scene.  Teaching private lessons throughout the day at Great Neck Guitars, Kelly was also involved with local artists such as: Cecil Turtle, Kabluee, The Jackson McCray Band, Miyagi, and Hellen Bach.  To this day, Kelly continues to play and teach all styles of music with a laid back approach that is specifically designed to appeal to every age group.